Wiki Finance Expo
Kuala Lumpur (吉隆坡)

Wiki Finance Expo Kuala Lumpur 2019 will be held in one of the most prosperous Asian cities in the world - Kuala Lumpur. Over 2000 guests, more than 80 top financial experts with over 30 exhibitors will come and participate in this event. It being one of the major financial markets in ASEAN, Malaysian Forex industry is well-developed, sizeable with variety of choices. Malaysia is also regarded as the gateway in entering Islamic economy as well. As a global financial data technology provider and financial media, WikiFX commits to extend our reach to global market by providing high-quality and reliable financial data and information services for users around the world.

Wiki金融博览-吉隆坡2019将于亚洲地区一个最繁盛都会 – 吉隆坡举行。此次展会预计吸引超过 2000 名宾客、80多名金融顶尖高手、以及 30 多个参展商参与这场盛会。马来西亚乃东南亚其中一大金融市场, 而其外汇行业亦是「百花齐放」,有银行、交易商、服务供应商等,大小规模,一应俱全。同时,马来西亚亦是进入穆斯林经济区其中一扇大门。外汇天眼作为一家全球性的金融数据科技公司和财经媒体,一直致力拓展全球市场,为全球用户提供优质金融数据和信息服务。

  • International Cryptocurrency Speaker

    Luke Jones

    Fintech (Australian based)
    CEO and Co-Founder – Fortifex
    Crypto Council – Contributor

  • Road to Fulltime Forex Trader -Founder

    Gero Azrul

    Forex Trainer (KL)
    Persatuan Usahawan Internet Malaysia - President
    Gero Azrul is an author, fulltime forex trader and speaker
    known forhis trading concepts and market phsychology.

  • Author, Strategist, Technical Architect & Trainer

    Anthony Davie

    Fintech Trainer (KL)
    Anthony Davie has over 30 years of consulting experience
    focused on developing business strategy based on
    technology infrastructure

  • Traders Mentor Studio in KL

    Nazri Naz

    Forex Trainer (KL)
    11 years of experience in Forex Trading as a full time trader
    (2007-2018); 10 years of experience in conducting Forex
    education and training program (2008-2018).

  • RealTrader Community  - Trainer

    Don Malaya

    Norabidin Basiran is a full-time professional trader and trading
    mentor with 8 Years of experience in a trading instrument with
    focusing in Forex Futures Market, Commodities and Metal Market.

  • Founder

    Andeerson Wong

    Forex Trainer (KL)
    - Stock Advisor to Investor Group since 1992.
    - NYSE & Nasdaq Investment Advisor on 1995-2011
    - Trading Education Course since 2006

  • FunMoneyTrade – Coach Manager

    Fanny Arianti Arief

    Forex Trainer (KL)
    FunMoneyTrade as Management Trainee Overseas
    Manager.PT Midtou Aryacom Futures,as Manager Marketing

  • Alpha Play Pte Ltd

    Sinlee Yap

    Forex Trainer (SG)
    Sin Lee started her trading journey with just RM2,000 at the age
    of 19 during her first year in university. As an avid traveller, she
    discovered the matrix in having both time and money freedom.

  • Alpha Play Pte Ltd (Founders)

    Kar Yong Ang

    Forex Trainers (SG)
    Kar Yong strongly believes that we should do what we love to
    do and do it often. He is not worried about getting a job,
    because as a self-taught currency trader, he won't be

  • Forex 100 Academy Founder

    Rayn Lim

    Forex Trainer (SG)
    In ever rising of the living cost and to provide the best for the
    family. This drive me into empower stay home parents to
    profitably trade for a living at the comfort of their home. With


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