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Closed Meeting Held Before WikiEXPO in HCMC

WikiFX|2019-10-17 13:32:21

On September 20th, 2019, WikiEXPO held the pre-event closed-door meeting at the Windsor Plaza Hotel, HCMC. As the first step of WikiFX’s Southeast Asia strategy, the meeting, designed to help forex brokers understand the Vietnam market more thoroughly, achieved huge success, being of great significance.

The participants invited came from political, legal, financial and media sectors, including local oversea forex brokers, associations of local legal practitioner and famous financial media groups in Vietnam. The exchange of ideas between representatives of multiple backgrounds played a pivotal role in encouraging the development of Vietnam’s forex industry.

Representatives of prestigious forex brokers spoke during the discussion and made in-depth analysis of the development of local forex market. Their profound insights based on the local environment had proved very inspiring and helpful for the foreign brokers who wish to expand their business in Vietnam.

Next, the host of the event WikiFX launched a broker-oriented industry report based on the Vietnam forex market. Entitled WikiFX 2019 Forex White Paper in Vietnam, the report which included the latest statistics and insightful outlooks for the forex industry is of great value and significance. In addition, the report will also be available to those brokers who haven’t attended the private session, and they may contact WikiFX staff and ask for a copy of the document.

In addition to the White Paper, WikiFX staff member also made detailed introduction about the company as well as its products, services and core competitive advantages.

The branches of WikiFX across the world directly demonstrate the company’s financial strength, while its quality services and products online and offline, including the WikiFX App, WikiFX Magazine and global exposition brand WikiEXPO, underpins its innovation capacity. Furthermore, the comprehensive database with information of over 5,000 brokers and 30+ regulatory authorities is evidence of WikiFX’s technology strength.

Participants of the meeting were impressed by the soft and hard power of WikiFX, which will definitely help to build a thriving and steady forex market in Vietnam.

During the discussion, WikiFX also prepared music performances and cocktail dinner in order to create a relaxing environment that allows participants to exchange thoughts with a light mood - after all, such an atmosphere can boost creativity and generate new ideas.

At the dinner, participants raised their glasses and freely exchanged inspiring ideas, painting a blueprint for the future development of forex industry in Vietnam. By hosting the dinner, WikiFX also created a platform for brokers to network, communicate and forge business connections in a delightful and easy atmosphere.

Meanwhile, representatives of all walks of life also witnessed the ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the official inauguration of WikiFX Vietnam Branch.

As a forex media and financial technology company, the establishment of WikiFX’s Vietnam branch is not only an important step in the company’s Southeast Asia strategy, but also very meaningful for the local forex industry. The establishment of a third-party vertical media is bound to open up the channels for local investors to obtain valuable information, transparentize the qualification information of traders, weed out illegal brokers and enhance the local investment environment.